Playing “fool” we forget about best crypto online casinos another similar game – “fake fool”. Or the “interpreter”. The rules in this game are a little more complicated than the main “fool”.

First, everyone here plays for himself – there can be no pairs. Secondly, when I walk with a certain card, I must have the same card of another suit – to translate the attack on another person in time.

It looks like this. We start to go under the person with whom we play cards. We go, say, a double peak. And he instantly translates a card – adds two worms.

And we receive two twos, from which we should fight back. Or to translate these twos again to it, having added to two twos the third – for example, crosses.

This, in fact, is all the differences in the game of “fake fool” from the usual “fool”. There seem to be no other differences.

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By the way, the game of “fool” is not the worst option to change the card game. There are still a lot of games that are weaker than the same “fool” game.

Take at least “twenty-one” or “whist”. Whist is much more difficult than “twenty one”. But in fact whist can be called a weak similarity of the real card game – poker.

Yes, poker remains the main game – compared to its many analogues. In any case, for us. Although you may have a different opinion. How is poker better than any other game?

Because only in poker is money considered an integral part of the game. It is not possible to play poker for money. It is possible to play for candy or toys.

It is possible to play for some other things. But it will not be quite poker. It is played only for money, the analogue of which are chips – which, in turn, replace them.

And what is better than poker roulette or any other game in the gaming rooms? Yes, it’s nothing. It is the same game as any other.
With the only difference that it is a game of cards. And it fits into a best Danish online casinos coherent logic – unlike the same roulette (in which the main role is played by chance).

“fake fool” – the same game, which is complete in our lives. It is a game invented by card supporters, but for poorer players. You can play it for nothing

And it is possible to play for money. Game from it does not become more interesting or amusing. No, it still remains the same “fool”.

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