There are some specific terms for sponsorship agreements that differentiate them from other types of advertising campaigns. First of all, it should be noted that the casino advertises only the brand of its sponsor, but top 10 online casinos not the individual services or products offered by it.
Sponsorship of a gambling establishment – how does it work?For example, if the sponsor is an electronics store, then gambling establishments will advertise its name, logo or slogan, but will not report on profitable sales in the hypermarket or the appearance of new models of equipment. Otherwise, such advertising cannot be considered sponsorship.
Sponsors cannot interfere with the advertising process, the casino organizes campaigns on its own. However, the sponsor can determine the form of advertising. Among them can be called a mention on the air, information on the main page of the site or the use of banners.

Also, the sponsor must indicate to the sponsored organization in what form it should be mentioned. This can be an image of his logo, a company’s motto, or just its name. It is also possible to choose the text that accompanies the mention of the sponsor.Depending on the amount of funds provided to the gambling establishment, companies can receive different status. If the company fully sponsors the casino, it is declared the title sponsor.

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For the status of a general sponsor, it is enough to provide a gambling establishment with half of the amount that it needs.Companies that donate a quarter of the required amount to the casino become the official sponsor. Finally, the status of the site sponsor is received by those firms that have transferred at least 10% of the total donation to the games at JoyCasino institution.

It is clear that any casino can have only one general or title sponsor, but several official sponsors or participating sponsors.

The higher the sponsor’s status, the more intensively it is advertised and the more it is associated with the sponsored organization. At the same time, it is important to consider that assistance to a gambling establishment can be provided not only directly by transferring funds, but also through barter. For example, a furniture factory can make all the furniture it needs for a casino free of charge.

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