We play poker best online crypto casinos we change the game and play, say, in… “fool”? What is the bad game? You can play it both for money and interest. And simply – to play cards, without bothering with any prizes.

Actually, let’s estimate – on what it is possible to change a card poker. And very soon it will turn out that … nothing. That all card games pass before poker. That they are a weak arrangement of poker, its distracted and very distant alternative. Exactly so and no other way. Let’s say that we play a “fool” – a popular card game, which is played by everyone who is not lazy. Game of “fool” is based on hierarchy of cards. We walk with one card – it is beaten with a card that is older in rank.

We walk with another card of the same value (only another suit). And it is beaten. Then we can go with a card that corresponds to the value of the card we have fought off our attacks. And this card is repulsed or taken by our opponent – along with all the cards that are on the table. In addition, in the deck, which is laid out on the table, there is a trump suit, a card that lies open under a closed deck of cards. If you take any card of this suit, it will beat any other card. And it will be beaten only by a senior card of the same suit. Everything is logical and very simple. We take cards and play “fool”.

We play poker best online crypto casinos

And all is quite normal – except that game in “fool” is not game for money. It is game for luck. The maximum that it is possible to win here – to hear, how the loser cooks or does some ridiculous movements. The “fool” is also played for money. But this is not a game that is played only for money – as the same poker. This is a game in which you can also play for money. Or you can play and just for fun. Therefore, people, most often, play the “fool” just for fun. “Fool” is a good game, if you lose sight of the fact that it reduces the level of the game. Yes, yes – exactly reduces. If it is possible to best online Denmark casinos play it for nothing, we play it for nothing.

What money, what for? And what does the game for money give us – except for superfluous worries? In general, if to understand, the game of “fool” has a lot of minuses in comparison with a certain quantity of pluses. Yes, this game is popular. But it doesn’t mean at all that we should play it, too. Both our friends and acquaintances should not play it. To be more exact – it is possible to play it. Only what is the sense? Just a means to get rid of your free time. Absolutely a waste of energy.

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